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Common Plumbing Issues Solved

Hi, my name is Clint Hastings and I've written this blog as a source of information about plumbing problems. I like to fix things around the house and through the years, I've learned a lot about plumbing systems and how they work. It wasn't always by choice, but when you wake up to a bathtub full of sewage or your kitchen sink won't drain, you've got to do something to fix the problem. All through my blog, you'll learn about common plumbing problems, troubleshooting tips and how to make simple repairs to get your water running again. Since running water is something that's used every day, I think it's important to know how to fix minor plumbing issues. Not every plumbing issue is simple to fix, so I'll also let you know when it's time to put down the wrench and call a professional plumber.



Are You Beautifying Your Back Yard?

Are spring and summer your favorite seasons of the year? If so, maybe the reason for that is that you love to spend time in your back yard. Perhaps each year you add something different to your landscape design. Do you already have a plan for those changes? If not, here are some ideas that might help you. Masonry Work Services - Even if you already have a small patio, maybe you have decided to add a larger one in a different part of your back yard. Read More 

Why Do You Need A Flood Elevation Certificate?

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in a flood zone, there are a lot of things that you have to consider. It is definitely risky to purchase a home that is located in a flood zone, but you may find that it's worth it because you like the home and location or because you're able to get a great deal on the property. If you do choose to purchase a home in a flood zone, you should probably get a flood elevation certificate for these reasons. Read More 

How To Choose A Demolition Service

Demolition jobs can appear to be disordered and chaotic, and that's the reason why you need to ensure that you hire professional demolition contractors. These experts can take care of all the logistical and safety issues involved in your demolition project. But, you need to consider the following issues before settling on a particular demolition company. Ask For an Estimate The first thing you need to do before settling on any particular demolition service is to ask for their estimate. Read More 

Prepare Your Roofing For The Upcoming Winter

Is your home prepared for the winter that is quickly approaching? One thing that many homeowners neglect to prepare for the winter is the roof on the home. The roofing needs more attention than many homeowners think – it's not an element of your home that you want to completely ignore until the water starts dripping in on your head at night. Here, you'll find a few things that you can do to get a head start on your roofing winter preparations this year. Read More 

Car Repairs: 3 Things You Should Never Wait On

Owning a car is something that you probably take for granted until it is broken down on the side of the road. If you are notorious for waiting to get your car fixed until the last minute, then this article is for you. Even though it's understandable that you want to save money and not waste it on your car, there are certain things that you should never ignore. This article will list just three of the auto repairs that you should never wait on; even if you have to finance it in order to afford it. Read More